The fifth World Congress of Religions in Astana

  • 2015-05-31
  • By Dana Askan

Problems of being were a matter of great concern in ancient times; religious issues excite mankind today and it may be safely said that religion should deserve close attention from the side of future generations, as well.
However, just today, in the period of torrential processes of globalization,   when politics everywhere are entwined with religion and obtrudes its vision of the world order upon the latter, the processes of cultural integration lose their relevance in the absence of public appreciation and initiatives from the side of politicians.

We can see that mankind needs a deep reframing and reconsideration of current events within the last several decades. In this complicated process, the role of worldwide and traditional religions is increasingly growing.
The interethnic and inter-confessional dialogue is the imperative of the present time. Religion passes through the watershed historical period. Speaking of the interrelations between politics and religion means, in fact, a discussion on the specific – and highly important – sphere of various interrelations between a person and the community. On the one hand, here especially intimate problems related to the personal convictions, views and conscience of the person inevitably arise. On the other hand, the qualitative features of the community and the political system of the state, as well as the ability of the latter to ensure democratic rights for its citizens and to exclude any legal and practical compulsion in respect on their convictions, any infringement of interests of a person and the masses, any use of personal convictions and views of prejudice of their carriers and in prejudice of the social progress are disclosed. Here, the real principles of democracy and humaneness of society are spoken about.

Namely, a dialogue among civilizations may prevent misperception and contradictions in public conscience. The First Congress of Worldwide and Traditional Religions, held in Astana in 2003, showed this dialogue to be perceived and supported by the world community.

This year, the Fifth Congress of Worldwide and Traditional Religions will be arranged in Astana; although it is a traditional event already, it will be well-timed and relevant as never before. The world community is confronted with new threats and challenges, crucial changes of the political map of the world occurred, local conflicts based on religious motives became more frequent and abundant, other problems that should be settled through a search for an optimum decision appeared.
The principal topic of the forum is: “The dialogue of religious leaders and politicians in the name of peace and development”. The delegates of the forum will be in record number: many eminent clericals and public figures confirmed their intention to participate in it – this fact, in its turn, attests to the increased importance both of the event and Astana, as one of the principal sites for the said dialogue in the world.

While speaking about the Congress, it is notable that the President of Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said: “The future of our planet should be the co-operation of religions, not confrontation of civilizations”.
At the Astana Economic Forum in 2014, the leader of Kazakhstan said: “Everybody speaks again about the confrontation of civilizations, states that east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet. This approach is incorrect! All of us live on the Earth. Inevitable confrontation of religions is nonsense. I saw leaders of the world and traditional religions when they met together in Astana for their First Congress. Chief mullah of Iran and chief rabbi of Israel greeted each other and then were talking...”.

On resuming the above-described, it may be added that a similar view will surely appear in Astana this year: under the same cupola, we’ll again see representatives of different confessions peacefully settling vital problems of the being of the mankind in the dialogue to conserve peace and tranquility on Earth.

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