Let it snow!

  • 2016-12-13
  • Monika Tomsevica, Editor-in-Chief

With a divisive and contentious year behind us and uncertainty before us, we take this season to emphasize the value of togetherness. While the Baltics seem to be caught in the middle of a theoretical battle of larger powers, we stress that life here is still peaceful, borders are still respected, and the hard-won freedom we’ve enjoyed here for the last 25 years is here to stay.

In this issue, we look at what President-elect Trump means to the Baltic states, the endless battle between Estonia and Latvia about who truly invented the Christmas tree, a look at the artist enclave of the Republic of Užupis in Lithuania, the ice highways of Estonia, and, of course, no holiday issue would be complete without suggestions and recommendations for the best gifts of the region, and where to celebrate. We invite you to brew up a cup of tea, stay away from unbiased or fake news, and immerse yourself in some of the more interesting stories from the Baltic region.
Happy holidays and a joyous 2017 from all of us at City Paper!

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