Into the summer Season!

  • 2016-06-13
  • Monika Tomsevica, Editor-in-Chief

Kuriet gaišu uguntiņu
Pie zaļās prieduliņas,
Tur nāk bars Jāņa bērnu
Ar jaukām dziesmiņām.

Light bright the little bonfire,
By the green pine grove,
There will come the Jāņi children,
With delightful little songs.

At City Paper, we always strive to entice and invite readers to look more deeply into the world around them. To remember how things got to where they are today. This summer, step back in time to uncover the behind-the-scenes action at the Latvian Ethnographic Museum, also the site of the biggest craft and artisan markets in the Baltics, held every summer. Go beyond the ordinary with our guide to some of the best (and often hidden) Baltic beaches. With over 4300 km of beaches, there’s no reason not to find a secret sandy spot to call your own.

We also take a journey of nostalgia, as this editor recounts a childhood summer, complete with explosives, at Skrunda and the future of the now-ghost town. Although originally a top-secret location, as time has progressed, the town of Skrunda has started capitalizing on the interest of Cold War enthusiasts who come to visit.

Get to know the Struve Geodetic Arc and the coordinates by which to find the spots where F. G. W. Struve set out to prove the world was, in fact, not flat. There is always plenty to occupy explorers on long summer days, and the plethora of craft and medieval markets are sure to please all ages. From wines and meads with exotic ingredients, to the most detailed mittens you’ve ever seen crafted by two hands, and, not to mention, jousting, there are enough markets and fairs in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to keep one busy every weekend. Don’t forget to take a look at our Top Ten list, as many of the listed restaurants have breezy summer terraces and live music to keep everyone dancing through the shortest nights of the year.

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