Baltics Unbound

  • 2015-05-31
  • Monika Tomsevica, Editor-in-Chief

Vel ir laiks, vel ir laiks, vel ir laiks,             
There is still time…
Rudens tals vasarai pieskariens.    
The fall is but a faint touch to summer.
Vel ir laiks, vel ir laiks, vel ir laiks,
There is still time…
Musu cels vasarai cauri iet.
Our road carries on through the summer.     
    “Vel ir Laiks” Zigmars Liepins

Much has happened since the last issue of City Paper, and, after a long break, we are happy to roll off the presses once more with a renewed image!

At a time when many eyes are cast toward the Baltic states, I can honestly say, there has never been a better time to enjoy all the region has to offer, regardless of international media portrayal. No regions are separating, there are no ‘little green men’, and things are calm.

What the region does have, however, is a renewed sense of vigor and importance. If anything, increased tension in the region has only caused more investment and business opportunities. Pride in local products and industries is up, job satisfaction is on the rise, citizenship is increasing, and those who emigrated during the financial crisis are trickling back.
The wine industry is expanding and developing rapidly, and the area is becoming one of the only places in the world to offer wine made of oak leaves and lilacs. Estonia’s annual wife-carrying contest is gearing up to face their traditional Finnish rivals. Motorcycle clubs are rumbling from Tallinn to Vilnius, and the city of Riga is preparing for Euro Pride 2015, a long way from the fenced-in gay pride parades of yesteryear.

With a renewed image, City Paper also aims to feature more unknown activities, areas, and intriguing stories from the Baltics, starting this month with the Devil Museum in Kaunas, as well as a deeper look at the infamous Corner House in Riga.

There is something for everyone in this magnificent (if not a bit unseasonably chilly) region of Europe, and we are happy to bring it all to you, wherever in the world you may be reading.


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