• 2016-03-08


1) Vincents – Some of the world’s finest flavors from Chef Martins Ritins. Amuse-bouches that melt in the mouth. Elizabetes iela 19
2) Kūkotava – Finest selection of cakes in the city, with great sandwiches and salads.  Terbates iela 10-12
3) 3 Pavaru Restorans – Inventive and immaculate in both service and cuisine. Masterpieces on a plate. Torņa iela 4
4) Biblioteka No. 1 – Perfect foodie experience, decadent desserts, and an unforgettable brunch. The ‘secret’ 9-course chef’s menu is highly recommended. Terbatas Iela 2
5) Raw Garden – First raw restaurant in Riga, with healthy, creative dishes and signature flavors. Skolas iela 12
6) Beef Eater’s – An absolute must for meat-lovers. Sumptuous steaks, dumplings, and juicy gourmet burgers, this new restaurant is not to be missed. Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 75
7) Minka Cat Café – Free roaming friendly cats, perfectly roasted meats, and fantastic potato purees. Meža iela 4A
8) Rocket Bean Roastery – The knowledgeable staff will walk you through a full spectrum of international coffees perfumed with notes of flowers, currants, and more.  Delicious pastries and unique, freshly-brewed bottles of kombucha.
Miera iela 29/31
9) Rasols – A Post-Soviet concept café, complete with Art Deco and kitschy goodness, with decadent hybrid local cuisine taken to a new level of refinement. Strēlnieku 9
10) Trusis Café – A large selection of Latvian wines, seasonal foods, and ethnographically correct latte art.
Dzirnavu iela 43
11) Casa Nostra –  Riga’s Italian restaurant of choice. The restaurants two professional Italian chefs guarantee an absolute authentic Italian dining experience, which will transport you right to Italy. Italian owned.  Casa Nostra on Elizabetes Street.  Where Italy begins in Riga.  
Elizabetes iela 10b.
11:00 – 22:00.
Open 7 days.
Reservations : +371 66 956 609


1) Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs – Huge selection of Latvian beers on tap, great food, lively folk atmosphere. Peldu iela 19
2) Paddy Whelan’s – A classic establishment that has stood the test of time and stag parties. Extensive menu.
Grecinieku iela 4
3) Ezītis Miglā – True local funky nightlife hangout named after a famous Soviet cartoon. Palasta iela 9
4) Shot Café – There is no other place in Old Town for shot drinkers. Try the traditional “apple pie” shot. Torņa iela 4  
5) Nabaklab – Best alternative spot in Riga, complete with cheap brews and bohemian metal heads. Z.A.
Meierovica bulv. 12
6) Depo – Indie place for lovers of underground music. Everything from experimental to hardcore and heavy metal.
Vaļņu 32
7) Aptieka – A sister of the Washington DC Pharmacy Bar; old-fashioned décor, free jukebox, inventive cocktails, and good snack menu. Mazā Miesnieku 1   
8) Leningrad – Time travel to the Soviet era, plenty of hard alcohols, and live music most nights. A worker’s paradise.
Valdemāra 4
9)  Spot Bar – Lively atmosphere and over 50 shots to choose from. Kareoke on Wednesdays. Jauniela 19
10) Piens – Comfortable sofa bar with eclectic furnishing and even more eclectic crowds. Hottest cocktail bar in the city.
Aristida Briāna 9  


1) Hotel Bergs – Located in the sophisticated Berga Bazars, this hotel is a charming 5-star luxury destination.
Elizabetes iela 83
2) Neiburgs Hotel – Classic, graceful, and relaxing atmosphere in the stylish Art Nouveau building.  Jauniela 25
3) Radi un Draugi – Eclectic décor, and plaid galore, there is something for everyone at “relatives and friends”.
Mārstaļu iela 3
4) Albert Hotel – Stunning Art Nouveau, comfortable beds, quiet atmosphere. Dzirnavu iela 33
5) Monika Centrum Hotel – Gorgeous pink façade located in the quiet center district of town. Elizabetes iela 21
6) Dome Hotel and Spa – Fantastic getaway for rest, relaxation and endless spa options. Miesnieku iela 4
7) Hotel Avalon – Elegant but unassuming with medieval charm and atmosphere. 13. janvāra iela 19
8) Hotel Justus – Boutique hotel in the heart of Old Riga, steps from the Dome Cathedral. Jauniela 24
9) Grand Palace Hotel – 5-star hotel in a luxurious setting with every comfort imaginable. Pils iela 12
10) Gallery Park Hotel – Superior luxury 5-star hotel with a decadent restaurant and elegant atmosphere.
Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 7


1) Verkiai – Worth the drive to this elegant and grandiose venue. Incredible facades, inspired by local legends. Finely-crafted, decadent meals. Žaliųjų Ežerų g. 49
2) Medininkai – Lithuanian masterpieces and international favorites. Sinful desserts and hearty soups. Ausros Vartu 8
3) Uzupio Klasika – Small, gorgeous, and rustic in the Republic of Uzupis. Daily menu changes. Uzupio G. 28
4) Kitchen – Distinctive spot, good for people-watching, with outrageously fresh daily offerings. Didzioji 11
5) Graf Zeppelin – Highly regarded schnitzel and mini donuts, excellent atmosphere. Saviciaus 9
6) 7 Elephants – Extensive menu of vegetarian/Indian cuisine with two stories and a cellar to dine in. Viliaus g. 41
7) Sarkozy – Everything made of or inspired by apples. Sandwiches and cheese included. Fantastic ciders.
Vilniaus g. 22
8) Blusynė – Literally “a place for fleas” this hip and playful lounge includes Asian and Lithuanian favorites. Savičiaus g. 5
9) Šnekutis – An Uzupis favorite, serving live, unpasteurized beers, pig ears and large portions. Three locations. Polocko g. 7A, Šv.Stepono g. 8, Šv. Mikalojaus g. 15
10) Kačių kavinė (Cat Café) – Comfortable venue adorned with vintage items and a giant cat tree.  Flavorful salads, and potato pancakes topped with smoked salmon so rich that all the cats will pay you a visit. J. Jasinskio g. 1


1) Bambalynė – Cellar of Lithuanian beers brewed locally, with selections of cheeses and meats. Stiklių 7
2) Gringo Pub – Incredible staff, draught beers, extraordinarily friendly atmosphere. Vilniaus g. 31
3) Opium – Minimalistic and sparse, run by world-renowned DJs. Akin to a club in Berlin. Islandijos 4
4) Who Hit John – Smallest bar in town, good for conversation and creatively themed cocktails. Didžioji 19
5) Bix Baras – Heavy music and heavy food, with plenty of live music on three levels.  Etmonų gatvė 6
6) Artistai – Retro tunes, party people, and a festive courtyard with cheap food and good beer. Šv. Kazimiero 3
7) Portobello Pub – Ideal place for sports viewing, British singalongs, and grabbing a pint. Aušros Vartų 7
8) Salionas kokteilių namai – Seasoned luxury atmosphere, with the best cocktails in Vilnius.  K. Sirvydo g. 6
9) 7 Fridays – In an old Franciscan monastery, great for beers and finishing up the night. Pranciškonų 3
10) Tarantino Club – For a taste of the insane and retro, dance no further than this hidden club. Trakų g. 2


1) Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square – Breathtaking views and 5-star luxury in Old Town. Universiteto g. 14
2) Shakespeare – Themed hotel in a renovated 17th century palace with an elegant gourmet restaurant. Bernardinu g. 8/8
3) Moon Garden Art Hotel – Eclectic décor, rich in little details, perfectly-located boutique hotel. Bazilijonu 10
4) Hotel Rinno – Friendly atmosphere, cozy rooms and rich and hearty breakfast. Vingriu 25
5) Stikliai Hotel and Restaurant – Luxurious surroundings, winter garden, and French décor.  Gaono 7
6) Comfort Hotel LT – Rock and roll themed hotel, wide and spacious rooms with outstanding breakfast. Mindaugo 27
7) eLoftHotel – Charming hotel, free sauna, fully ecological design, sophisticated décor. T. Ševčenkos g. 16
8) The Narutis Hotel – Elegant rooms with unique frescoes, paintings, and unbeatable views. Pilies g. 24
9) Mabre Residence Hotel – Located in a former monastery, luxurious bedding, with pool and sauna.  Mainonio 13
10) Novotel Vilnius – Immensely modern, with a perfect location close to main attractions.  Gedimino 16


1) Mekk – Welcoming atmosphere, where every detail is precise, artful, and delicious. Suur-Karja 17/19
2) Maikrahv – As Estonian as a place can be, with a mind for customers with Viking stomachs. Raekoja plats 8
3) Kukeke – Traditionally rustic and undeniably fresh, a true hidden gem. Vegan friendly. Telliskivi 57
4) F-Hoone – Inspiring and unique menu, funky atmosphere and a local favorite. Telliskivi 60
5) Von Krahli Aed – A vegetarian’s dream with decadent chocolate cake and wine selection. Rataskaevu 10
6) Vanaema Juures – Classic cuisine like grandma’s, with steamy home-cooked meals. Rataskaevu 10
7) Neh – Worth the 20 min. walk from Old Town for the smoked eel and pork belly.  Lootsi 4
8) Neikid – Unique takes on fusion cuisine with recommended gazpacho and paella. Wismari 3
9) Sfäär Restaurant – Former industrial building, endless wine selection, stylishly retro Nordic cuisine. Mere pst 6
10) Pirosmani – Hearty Georgian restaurant with perfectly seasoned lamb, and classic dishes. Jakobi 28


1) Hell Hunt – So many beers, so much meat, such good company. Pikk 39
2) Cathouse – Beautiful people, trendy, and perfect for fashionable young people. Viru valjak 6
3) Club Prive – A place to have your name on the list, exclusive and prestigious. Harju 6
4) Vabank – Elegant and chic, located in an Old Town basement vault.  Harju 13
5) Woodstock – Eclectic music and even more eclectic, long-haired crowd.Tatari 6
6) Kuku Klubi – Retro artist hangout, located in a cellar with unique décor. Vabaduse väljak 8
7) Protest – Carefree adventure for escaping the glamor and glitz of trendy clubs. Mere 6a
8) The Hard Currency Bar – Nostalgic, with Soviet music from the 70s and 80s. Viru väljak 4
9) Citypub – Good spot to warm up for the evening. A local worker’s favorite spot. Rävala pst. 6
10) Clayhills Gastropub – Warm, welcoming, and relaxing, with fresh dishes and local beers. Pikk 13


1) Hotel Palace – Located off the main square, with over 70 years of history as a luxury hotel. Vabaduse väljak 3
2) Savoy Boutique Hotel – Ultimate in boutique hotels. Perfect location and atmosphere. Suur-Karja 17 / 19
3) Hotel Telegraaf – 5-star luxury comfort and spa. Incredibly comfortable furnishings. Vene 9
4) Hotel Cru – One of Tallinn’s oldest buildings holds a variety of indulgent rooms and the best breakfast in town. Viru 8
5) Three Sisters Hotel – Trendy, romantic, and medieval in well-preserved 14th century surroundings. Tolli 2
6) Hotel St. Barbara – Decorated in ornate German style with a fantastic buffet breakfast and German restaurant.
Roosikrantsi 2A
7) Hotel Schlossle – Small medieval hotel with outstanding service and elegant surroundings. Pühavaimu 13/15
8) Swissotel Tallinn – Swiss hospitality meets 5-star luxury with breathtaking panorama views. Tornimae 3
9) My City Hotel Tallinn – Charming small hotel with fine art collection and Italian oil paintings. Vana-Posti 11
10) Oru Hotel – Close to the sea, includes a library, and in-room saunas. Narva Maantee 120B

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