• 2016-12-13


1) Vincents – Some of the world’s finest flavors from Chef Martins Ritins. Amuse-bouches that melt in the mouth.
Elizabetes iela 19
2) Cydonia – A delightful gastropub tucked away in Berga Bazars featuring international cuisine and local Latvian favorites. Tapas and pizza are a must-try. Impressive beer selection. Dzirnavu iela 84
3) Muusu  – A relaxing and soothing atmosphere featuring wild venison, Baltic herring, and smoked duck. Skārņu iela 6
4) Biblioteka No. 1 – Perfect foodie experience, decadent desserts, and an unforgettable brunch. The “secret” 9-course chef’s menu is highly recommended. Terbatas iela 2
5) Raw Garden – First raw restaurant in Riga, with healthy, creative dishes and signature flavors. Skolas iela 12
6) Beef Eater’s – An absolute must for meat-lovers. Sumptuous steaks, dumplings, and juicy gourmet burgers, this restaurant is not to be missed. Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 75
7) Parunasim – Exposed brick, romantic lighting, the perfect place for friends and cake afficionados. Maza pils iela 4
8) Rocket Bean Roastery – The knowledgeable staff will walk you through a full spectrum of international coffees perfumed with notes of flowers, currants, and more.  Delicious pastries and unique, freshly-brewed bottles of kombucha. Miera iela 29/31
9) Rasols – A Post-Soviet concept café, complete with Art Deco and kitschy goodness, with decadent hybrid local cuisine taken to a new level of refinement. Strēlnieku 9
10) Locale – The finest in Latvian-sourced seasonal cuisine, featuring seafood and fine wine. A true feast for lovers of culinary art. Grēcinieku iela 8


1) Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs – Huge selection of Latvian beers on tap, great food, lively folk atmosphere. Peldu iela 19
2) Paddy Whelan’s – A classic establishment that has stood the test of time and stag parties. Extensive menu.
Grecinieku iela 4
3) Ezītis Miglā – True local funky nightlife hangout named after a famous Soviet cartoon. Palasta iela 9
4) Shot Café – There is no other place in Old Town for shot drinkers. Try the traditional “apple pie” shot. Torņa iela 4  
5) Nabaklab – Best alternative spot in Riga, complete with cheap brews and bohemian metal heads. Z.A. Meierovica bulv. 12
6) Depo – Indie place for lovers of underground music. Everything from experimental to hardcore and heavy metal. Vaļņu 32
7) Aptieka – A sister of the Washington DC Pharmacy Bar; old-fashioned décor, free jukebox, inventive cocktails, and good snack menu. Mazā Miesnieku 1   
8) Leningrad – Time travel to the Soviet era, plenty of hard alcohols, and live music most nights. A worker’s paradise. Valdemāra 4
9)  Spot Bar – Lively atmosphere and over 50 shots to choose from. Kareoke on Wednesdays. Jauniela 19
10) Piens – Comfortable sofa bar with eclectic furnishing and even more eclectic crowds. Hottest cocktail bar in the city.
Aristida Briāna 9  

1) Hotel Bergs
– Located in the sophisticated Berga Bazars, this hotel is a charming 5-star luxury destination. Elizabetes iela 83
2) Neiburgs Hotel – Classic, graceful, and relaxing atmosphere in a stylish Art Nouveau building. Jauniela 25
3) Radi un Draugi – Eclectic décor and plaid galore, there is something for everyone at “Relatives and Friends.” Mārstaļu iela 3
4) Albert Hotel – Stunning Art Nouveau, comfortable beds, quiet atmosphere. Dzirnavu iela 33
5) Monika Centrum Hotel – Gorgeous pink façade located in the quiet center district of town. Elizabetes iela 21
6) Dome Hotel and Spa – Fantastic getaway for rest, relaxation and endless spa options. Miesnieku iela 4
7) Hotel Avalon – Elegant but unassuming with medieval charm and atmosphere. 13. janvāra iela 19
8) Hotel Justus – Boutique hotel in the heart of Old Riga, steps from the Dome Cathedral. Jauniela 24
9) Grand Palace Hotel – 5-star hotel in a luxurious setting with every comfort imaginable. Pils iela 12
10) Gallery Park Hotel – Superior luxury 5-star hotel with a decadent restaurant and elegant atmosphere.
Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 7


1) Verkiai
– Worth the drive to this elegant and grandiose venue. Incredible facades, inspired by local legends. Finely-crafted, decadent meals. Žaliųjų Ežerų g. 49
2) Medininkai – Lithuanian masterpieces and international favorites. Sinful desserts and hearty soups.
 Ausros Vartu 8
3) Uzupio Klasika – Small, gorgeous, and rustic in the Republic of Uzupis. Daily menu changes. Uzupio G. 28
4) Kitchen – Distinctive spot, good for people-watching, with outrageously fresh daily offerings. Didzioji 11
5) Graf Zeppelin – Highly regarded schnitzel and mini donuts, excellent atmosphere. Saviciaus 9
6) 7 Elephants – Extensive menu of vegetarian/Indian cuisine with two stories and a cellar to dine in. Viliaus g. 41
7) Sarkozy – Everything made of or inspired by apples. Sandwiches and cheese included. Fantastic ciders.
Vilniaus g. 22
8) Blusynė – Literally “a place for fleas,” this hip and playful lounge includes Asian and Lithuanian favorites.  Savičiaus g. 5
9) Šnekutis – An Uzupis favorite, serving live, unpasteurized beers, pig ears and large portions. Three locations. Polocko g. 7A, Šv.Stepono g. 8, Šv. Mikalojaus g. 15
10) Kačių kavinė (Cat Café) – Comfortable venue adorned with vintage items and a giant cat tree.  Flavorful salads, and potato pancakes topped with smoked salmon so rich that all the cats will pay you a visit. J. Jasinskio g. 1

1) Bambalynė
– Cellar of Lithuanian beers brewed locally, with selections of cheeses and meats. Stiklių 7
2) Gringo Pub – Incredible staff, draught beers, extraordinarily friendly atmosphere. Vilniaus g. 31
3) Opium – Minimalistic and sparse, run by world-renowned DJs. Akin to a club in Berlin. Islandijos 4
4) Who Hit John – Smallest bar in town, good for conversation and creatively themed cocktails. Didžioji 19
5) Bix Baras – Heavy music and heavy food, with plenty of live music on three levels. Etmonų gatvė 6
6) Artistai – Retro tunes, party people, and a festive courtyard with cheap food and good beer. Šv. Kazimiero 3
7) Portobello Pub – Ideal place for sports viewing, British singalongs, and grabbing a pint. Aušros Vartų 7
8) Salionas kokteilių namai – Seasoned luxury atmosphere, with the best cocktails in Vilnius. K. Sirvydo g. 6
9) 7 Fridays – In an old Franciscan monastery, great for beers and finishing up the night. Pranciškonų 3
10) Tarantino Club – For a taste of the insane and retro, dance no further than this hidden club. Trakų g. 2


1) Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square – Breathtaking views and 5-star luxury in Old Town. Universiteto g. 14
2) Shakespeare – Themed hotel in a renovated 17th century palace with an elegant gourmet restaurant. Bernardinu g. 8/8
3) Moon Garden Art Hotel – Eclectic décor, rich in little details, perfectly-located boutique hotel. Bazilijonu 10
4) Hotel Rinno – Friendly atmosphere, cozy rooms and rich and hearty breakfast. Vingriu 25
5) Stikliai Hotel and Restaurant – Luxurious surroundings, winter garden, and French décor. Gaono 7
6) Comfort Hotel LT – Rock and roll themed hotel, wide and spacious rooms with outstanding breakfast. Mindaugo 27
7) eLoftHotel – Charming hotel, free sauna, fully ecological design, sophisticated décor. T. Ševčenkos g. 16
8) The Narutis Hotel – Elegant rooms with unique frescoes, paintings, and unbeatable views. Pilies g. 24
9) Mabre Residence Hotel – Located in a former monastery, luxurious bedding, with pool and sauna. Mainonio 13
10) Novotel Vilnius – Immensely modern, with a perfect location close to main attractions. Gedimino 16



1) Mekk – Welcoming atmosphere, where every detail is precise, artful, and delicious. Suur-Karja 17/19
2) Maikrahv – As Estonian as a place can be, with a mind for customers with Viking stomachs. Raekoja plats 8
3) Kukeke – Traditionally rustic and undeniably fresh, a true hidden gem. Vegan friendly. Telliskivi 57
4) F-Hoone – Inspiring and unique menu, funky atmosphere and a local favorite.  Telliskivi 60
5) Von Krahli Aed – A vegetarian’s dream with decadent chocolate cake and wine selection. Rataskaevu 10
6) Vanaema Juures – Classic cuisine like grandma’s, with steamy home-cooked meals. Rataskaevu 10
7) Neh – Worth the 20-minute walk from Old Town for the smoked eel and pork belly.  Lootsi 4
8) Neikid – Unique takes on fusion cuisine with recommended gazpacho and paella.  Wismari 3
9) Sfäär Restaurant – Former industrial building, endless wine selection, stylishly retro Nordic cuisine.  Mere pst 6
10) Pirosmani – Hearty Georgian restaurant with perfectly seasoned lamb, and classic dishes. Jakobi 28


1) Hell Hunt – So many beers, so much meat, such good company. Pikk 39
2) Cathouse – Beautiful people, trendy, and perfect for fashionable young people. Viru valjak 6
3) Club Prive – A place to have your name on the list, exclusive and prestigious. Harju 6
4) Vabank – Elegant and chic, located in an Old Town basement vault. Harju 13
5) Woodstock – Eclectic music and even more eclectic, long-haired crowd. Tatari 6
6) Kuku Klubi – Retro artist hangout, located in a cellar with unique décor. Vabaduse väljak 8
7) Protest – Carefree adventure for escaping the glamor and glitz of trendy clubs. Mere 6a
8) The Hard Currency Bar – Nostalgic, with Soviet music from the ’70s and ’80s. Viru väljak 4
9) Citypub – Good spot to warm up for the evening. A local worker’s favorite spot. Rävala pst. 6
10) Clayhills Gastropub – Warm, welcoming, and relaxing, with fresh dishes and local beers. Pikk 13


1) Hotel Palace – Located off the main square, with over 70 years of history as a luxury hotel. Vabaduse väljak 3
2) Savoy Boutique Hotel – Ultimate in boutique hotels. Perfect location and atmosphere. Suur-Karja 17 / 19
3) Hotel Telegraaf – 5-star luxury comfort and spa. Incredibly comfortable furnishings. Vene 9
4) Hotel Cru – One of Tallinn’s oldest buildings holds a variety of indulgent rooms and the best breakfast in town. Viru 8
5) Three Sisters Hotel – Trendy, romantic, and medieval in well-preserved 14th century surroundings. Tolli 2
6) Hotel St. Barbara – Decorated in ornate German style with a fantastic buffet breakfast and German restaurant. Roosikrantsi 2A
7) Hotel Schlossle – Small medieval hotel with outstanding service and elegant surroundings. Pühavaimu 13/15
8) Swissotel Tallinn – Swiss hospitality meets 5-star luxury with breathtaking panorama views. Tornimae 3
9) My City Hotel Tallinn – Charming small hotel with fine art collection and Italian oil paintings. Vana-Posti 11
10) Oru Hotel – Close to the sea, includes a library, and in-room saunas.  Narva Maantee 120B

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