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Light On For Latvia!

Nov. 18, 2008 marks the nation's 90th year of independence. Lights on for Latvia! is the motto of the Jubilee celebrations, which began 90 d...

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City Paper’s Annual Baltic Photo Competition

Send us your best Baltic photos that capture the essence of your country.

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10 Questions: Arnis Balcus

Arnis Balcus is one of the most controversial, and easily one of the most famous contemporary Latvian art photographers. He shocked and intrigue...

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Pazaislis Festival All Summer Long

On June 1st, in a tranquil monastery courtyard, the annual Pazaislis Music Festival kicked off with a concert of music by Pink Floyd and Carl Or...

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Moving Baltic Sea Festival

This summer there is a different kind of ship sailing the Baltic Sea.

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Latvia: The Land that Sings

Once the primary objective of hijacking Latvia in 1941 was completed, the Soviet's moved on to a secondary mission: The obliteration of the ...

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The Man from India

Most young people in the Baltic States are looking into the future, and sick of dwelling on stories from the past.

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Fast N’ Furious! The Underground World of Urban Night Games

It is midnight on a quiet, romantic beach in the outskirts of Tallinn. Couples are sitting in their cars whispering sweet nothings under a full moon; an idyllic moment.

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New Riga Hotels

Riga is quickly becoming a destination for all seasons. To satisfy the increasing demand for tourist accommodation, there has been a surge of ne...

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