Albert Hotel

  • 2016-09-06

The only feeling that cannot be captured when traveling is the cherished feeling of home. Perhaps because after long, beautiful trips it is still so nice to come back, where one can feel the peace and warmth of home again. That is why it is important for travelers who have chosen accommodation in a hotel, that the hotel is not only the best value, in the best location and has the best service, but that it is also a piece of home.

The four-star Albert Hotel is located in the Quiet Center of Riga – next to the splendid columns of the Art Nouveau buildings, just a few minutes walk, is Kronvalda Park, Riga National Art Museum and countless restaurants, cafes, and small boutiques. The hotel has eleven floors – the first ten are hotel rooms – but the top – conference rooms, the biggest of which can hold up to 100 people. As well as, in thinking of the convenience of guests, underground parking so that that they may easily park their cars.

Upon entering the hotel, the feeling of home surounds you – staff sincerely strive to ensure that hotel furnishings are elegant and cozy. As the ultimate trump card, the hotel’s director, Natalija Jegorenkova, notes the hotel’s location, service, and competitive, flexible prices, as the reason that the hotel, which has been in operation for 11 years, has many loyal clients; ones who chose the hotel year after year. Hotel customers identify three key features of the Albert Hotel – speed, efficiency, and a friendly attitude!

The hotel has various special offers – for families, as well as professionals (business lunch – 3 dishes-8.40 EUR), and tourists, who have chosen Latvia as their destination. Special offer include also the option of best rate guarantee ( and upgrade from a standard room to a higher class of room. This is why, if you wish to enjoy first-class service – we recommend Albert Hotel!
The director of the hotel recommends visiting the nearby cafes, as well as sampling the offerings of Albert Hotel’s restaurant, Bestsellers, where each person can find something to their liking, because chef Anatolijs Pimanovs’ specialty is both international and domestic dishes. A 15 minute walk away is the Taka Spa, where you can indulge in some relaxation, or right here, at the hotel’s Star Lounge bar, sipping delicious cocktails at special prices!  Albert Hotel – a hotel that does not make one yearn for home!

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