A Mid-winter Night’s Dream…

  • 2015-11-28
  • By Monika Tomsevica, Editor-in-Chief

Sudrabiņa lietiņš lija
Ziemassvētku vakarā,
Visi sīki žagariņi
Sudrabiņu vizināja.
-Latvian folk song

A silver little rain came down,
On the eve of Christmas,
All of the delicate branches,
Scattered silver everywhere.

This winter season’s issue is all about being warm, safe, and cozy. About enjoying what the Baltics have to offer without freezing in the process.
First, we take you around the three countries to visit the purr-fection that are the Baltic cat cafés that’ll warm your souls and nourish your hearts. We then move on to exploring the phenomena that coffee has become and discover everything one never knew about the flavors of coffee beans and local roasteries in which to heat up.
 Of course, to wrap up the warm and toasty food fest, we explore the history of Baltic chocolates; where to go for sweet gifts this season, as well a history of indulgence.
Keeping with the indoor theme, we then move toward nourishing and strengthening the artist within us all with an exploration of finding Riga’s modern art museum a new home. We also invite you to close your eyes and explore the tactile museum for the blind in Kaunas. And, to wrap up the indoor activities, we encourage you to wrap up any chilly evening by enjoying some fine Lithuanian cinema.
With so much chaos and confusion in the world, there is also so much to be thankful for as we wrap up 2015 in the Baltics (besides the cold weather). The Baltics are safe and sound, business is thriving, and people are even starting to smile. The Baltics have truly stood up for themselves and come into their own this year, as exports are up and the emphasis on local items is stressed and appreciated. Latvia holding the Presidency of the European Union certainly didn’t hurt, either.  This winter season we encourage everyone to stay warm, enjoy friends, family, and all the fine food the Baltics have to offer to keep you snug and satisfied.

Happy Holidays from all of us at City Paper!

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